Joyful effort

Overcoming the three types of laziness

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Teaching given in Deer Park, Wisconsin.

The three types of laziness

  • The laziness of procrastination
    • Contemplate impermanence
    • Antidotes to procrastination make practicing easy and joyful
    • Know what is important and what is not important in life
  • The laziness of busyness
    • Knowing what is certain overcomes being too busy
    • The only thing we have to do in life is die
    • Being honest with ourselves about what we choose to do
  • The laziness of discouragement
    • Compassion and acceptance overcome discouragement
    • Self acceptance is the basis for Dharma practice
    • Seeing and trusting the goodness in ourselves

Laziness 01 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Situations where we put the dharma into practice
  • Having loving kindness and compassion for all sentient beings
  • Having long term motivation of bodhicitta
  • Transforming our minds and feeling connected to the sangha

Laziness 02: Q&A (download)

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