Joyous effort

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Benefits of joyous effort

  • Joyous effort as a supplement to all other virtuous practice
  • How joyous effort already manifests in our attachments
  • The benefits of joyous effort in our spiritual life

Joyous Effort 01 (download)

What it means to practice the Dharma

  • Integrating the Dharma we hear into everything we experience
  • Hindrances to joyous effort

Joyous Effort 02 (download)

Hindrances and their antidotes

  • Continuation of the hindrances of joyous effort
  • Attitudes to cultivate that counter laziness
  • The three kinds of joyous effort

Joyous Effort 03 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Balancing Dharma activities
  • Making decisions

Joyous Effort 04: Q&A (download)

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