Who is Amitabha?

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A talk given at the Vimalakirti Buddhist Centre in Singapore.

  • The Amitabha practice immerses you in the Buddhist teachings
  • Pure land practice can be understood on two levels—transcendental and conventional
  • Understanding who Amitabha is and what his pure land is
  • Meditating on Amitabha’s qualities and image
  • Three factors needed to be reborn in Sukhāvatī
  • Three qualities required to be reborn in Amitabha’s pure land
  • Doing the Amitabha practice by chanting
  • Questions
    • Can one reach the pure land at any moment with sincere chanting?
    • How can I change my daily behavior to become more like a Buddha?
    • How can we practice patience with our family?
    • How do we investigate our thoughts without using words?

Who is Amitabha? (download)

12-13-18 Who is Amitabha? at Vimalakirti Buddhist Centre Singapore

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