Precious Garland review: Characteristics of karma

Chapter 1 addresses what to abandon and what to practice to attain upper rebirth and highest good. Part of a series of talks on Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland of Advice for a King.

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    • The practice of restraining from the 10 nonvirtues and practicing the 10 virtues is the basis of upper rebirth and highest goodness
    • Karma is cause and result, it’s not about reward and punishment or judgement.
      • Karma was not invented by the Buddha, he merely described it
    • Karmic causality means there is an ethical dimension to actions
    • The four general characteristics of karma:
      • karma is definite
      • karma is expandable
      • karma is not lost
      • if the cause is not created the results are not experienced

    Precious Garland 06: Review characteristics of karma (download)

    06 Nagarjuna's Precious Garland 06-04-15

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