Following the Buddha’s advice

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Part of a series of teachings on Shantideva’s explanation of the four establishments of mindfulness in Chapter 9 of Engaging in the Bodhisattva’s Deeds. These teachings followed directly after extensive teachings on A Presentation of the Establishment of Mindfulness, a text by Gyalwa Chokyi Gyaltsen.

  • Final teaching on the four establishments of mindfulness
  • What it means to take refuge, relying on the teachings, cultivating faith in the path
  • Verses 100-105 of Shantideva’s Engaging in the Bodhisattva’s Deeds
  • Feelings don’t truly exist, so holding onto pleasure, pain, neutral is not helpful
  • Selfless of phenomena with regards to the nature of existence of mind
    • Not in sense powers
    • Not inside or outside our body, not anywhere else
    • Exists nominally

Establishment of Mindfulness 33 (download)

5-5-11 Establishments of Mindfulness in Shantideva's Engaging in the Bodhisattvas' Deeds

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