The importance of ethical conduct and motivation

Wise choices for a happy life

Part two of a two-day series of talks given at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in March 2007.

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  • Motivation

    • The importance motivation plays in our life
    • The eight worldly concerns
    • The mistaken view that happiness and suffering being external to us creates suffering

    Wise Choices 02 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • When we get what we think will make us happy it does not make us happy
    • seeing through illusion
    • Responding when our faith is criticized
    • Ignorance as one of the causes of suffering
    • Cleansing the imprints of negative actions

    Wise Choices 02: Q&A (download)


    • Purifying negative actions through the four opponent powers

    Wise Choices 03 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • The order of the four opponent powers
    • Restorative justice
    • Knowing when you are purified
    • Applying purification to war
    • Regretting inaction
    • Apologizing when we do harm
    • The 12-step program
    • The promise not to repeat the action

    Wise Choices 03: Q&A (download)

    Making good decisions

    • The criteria for making good decisions
    • The importance of a long-term view and motivation in making decisions

    Wise Choices 04 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • Criteria for making good choices
    • Advice for novice Buddhists
    • Good and bad karma
    • Forgiveness and karma
    • Collective karma
    • Purifying collectively
    • Sustaining the attitude of taking on the suffering of others

    Wise Choices 04: Q&A (download)

    Day 1 of this series can be found here.

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