Why things happen the way they do

Teachings on karma: Part 1 of 2

Teachings given at the Emaho Center in Scottsdale, Arizona from April 13-14, 2005.

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  • Why we study karma

    • Dissatisfaction with life
    • Looking back at the time of death
    • Setting our motivations
    • How karma leaves traces on the mind-stream

    Karma 01 (download)


    • How karma works
    • The four general characteristics of karma

    Karma 02 (download)

    Unpacking our actions of body, speech, and mind

    • Ten destructive and ten constructive actions
    • The value of taking precepts
    • The five lay precepts
    • Factors that make karma heavy or light

    Karma 03 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • How forgiveness affects karma
    • Guilt and forgiving oneself
    • Dharma motivations
    • Young children and karma
    • Karma created by practitioners of other faiths

    Karma 04 (download)

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