Realizing our potential

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The kindness of others

  • The nature of our mind
  • Eliminating the obscurations
  • Recognizing and meditating on the kindness of others

Karma 05 (download)

We create our experience

  • Our past actions as the cause of our present experience
  • Avoiding the “poor me” syndrome
  • Interconnectedness with other living beings

Karma 06 (download)

Four opponent powers

  • Regret
  • Restoring the relationship
  • Determining not to do the action again
  • Remedial action

Karma 07 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Working with those who aren’t open to reconciliation
  • Regret as an opponent power
  • “Getting stuck” in regret
  • Helping vs. getting taken advantage of

Karma 08 (download)

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