Inner peace

A basis for compassion

A talk given at the Tushita Mahayana Meditation Centre in New Delhi, India in December 2003.

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  • Cultivating contentment and compassion (download)

    Trying to live up to society’s definition of success and attachment to our opinions lead to discontent and an agitated mind. Using antidotes, we can counter these and cultivate a sense of contentment, which allows us to have more compassion for others.

    Questions & answers part 1 (download)

    • How can one deal with the feeling of helplessness and anxiety when faced with aging, illness and other difficult problems?
    • How can we face our fears in a positive, constructive way?

    Questions & answers part 2 (download)

    • How can one maintain a reasoning, analytical mind when in the middle of a difficult crisis?
    • Does Buddhist prayer help when faced with a crisis?
    • I fear what others will think of me if they know I am Buddhist, that they will laugh or mistreat me.

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