Understanding the mind

A talk given at PUB Auditorium, Singapore.

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  • Meditation and setting a proper motivation for listening to the teaching

    Understanding the mind: Meditation and motivation (download)

    What is mind in Buddhism?

    • Different levels of mind
    • Why is it important to understand the mind?

    Understanding the mind: Part 1 (download)

    How the mind creates our experiences: Part 1

    Understanding the mind: Part 2a (download)

    How the mind creates our experiences: Part 2

    Understanding the mind: Part 2b (download)

    Relating to friends, family members, boring or disagreeable people

    • Seeing each living being as an unknown treasure
    • Drawing out their qualities and talents like a musician brings forth a beautiful piece of music from an instrument

    Understanding the mind: Part 3 (download)

    The second way in which our mind creates our experiences

    Understanding the mind: Part 4 (download)

    Questions and answers

    • How our pets help to calm our anger.
    • If we’re all interdependent as the Buddha teaches, then wouldn’t we be more reactive to the people around us, getting happy when they are, and miserable when they’re miserable?
    • What would your advice be to the families of the people on flight SQ 006 that had crashed recently, to help them cope with their grief?
    • Where exactly is our mind located? What is the relationship between the mind and the consciousness?
    • What’s the difference between the programs we find in society in general for creating positive mental attitudes and the Buddhist way of doing it?
    • How do we know that Buddhism is the right way and what made you become a Buddhist?
    • How can I be truly happy when others are not?
    • What does no-self mean?
    • How many rebirths do we have to go through and how much do we have to relinquish before attaining liberation or enlightenment?
    • Do you need to become a monk or a nun in order to attain enlightenment?

    Understanding the mind: Q&A (download)

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