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The back view of a golden statute of the young shakyamuni Buddha, pointing in the sky.
Refuge in the Three Jewels

Understanding refuge

Exploring the meaning and benefits of taking refuge in the Three Jewels and how to…

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Anger dial on a console.
Healing Anger


Explaining how anger arises and is deceptive, the difference between anger and the behavior, having…

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Joined hands of two people.
Bodhisattva Path


Developing equanimity opens the heart equally to all, offering genuine respect for all beings.

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Shaggy dog looking into the distance with fall trees in background
On Self-Worth

Getting back on track

Some ups and downs in Dharma practice, and a bit of "muscle ache" after getting…

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Venerable Thubten Chodron bowing forward and smiling happily.
A Nun's Life

Inspiration to ordain

Venerable Chodron was interviewed by Mahabodhi Society of USA about the benefits of monastic life…

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A blue and red peace sign painted on a rock.
Transforming War and Terrorism

Responding to war with peace

How to work with disturbing emotions that arise in response to a contemporary war.

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A man in black walking toward bright light.
Three Principal Aspects of the Path

The middle way view

Examining emptiness and the misconception of the self existent, permanent self; the relationship of the…

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A man in black walking toward bright light.
Three Principal Aspects of the Path

Ultimate and conventional existence

The ultimate nature of emptiness within the three aspects of the path, discussion of ultimate…

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Small Buddha statue next to a candle.
Helping the Dying and Deceased

Preparing for a loved one’s death

Using the teachings to prepare the loved one for death and to prepare the family…

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Tenenaged girl, smiling.
For Young People

A letter to Venerable Chodron

A teenager shares her thoughts about Buddhism.

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