analytical meditation

Analytical meditation involves investigating a subject with reflection and reason in order to integrate the meaning of the Dharma and develop virtuous qualities. Posts include instruction and guided meditations.

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Peaceful Living, Peaceful Dying Retreats

Practices for preparing for death

A brief introduction to preparatory practices for death, including 7-point mind training (lojong) and taking…

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Cultivating the Four Immeasurables

Meditation on empathic distress

A guided meditation on the difference between compassion and personal distress.

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Cultivating the Four Immeasurables

Meditation on compassion and personal distress

A guided meditation to help examine our experience of observing suffering and distinguish between responding…

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Cultivating the Four Immeasurables

Meditation on consistency in compassion

A guided meditation on how to cultivate consistency in our practice of compassion by reflecting…

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How to Meditate: Remedies for distractions

Types of meditation and how to overcome hindrances that arise in meditation.

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Venerable Sangye Khadro sitting in front of a thangka, smiling.
Guided Meditations

Meditations on equalizing and exchanging self and ot...

A sequence of eleven guided meditations for developing bodhicitta using the method of equalizing and…

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Antidotes to Afflictions

Meditation on competition and cooperation

A guided meditation comparing the impact of approaching situations with a mindset of competition or…

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Bodhisattva Path

70 Topics: Introduction to application in complete a...

Review of the eight categories and introduction of chapter 4, application in complete aspects.

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