The role of a monastic

06 Exploring Monastic Life 2021

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Part of a series of teachings given during Sravasti Abbey’s annual Exploring Monastic Life program in 2021.

  • The importance of learning the Dharma with the right motivation
  • How to deal with monastics who have intolerable behavior
06 Exploring Monastic Life: The Role of a Monastic 08-02-21

Discussion group questions

  • If you ordain, how will you feel about:
    1. Not having a career and worldly success, like all your friends do?
    2. Not having a nest egg or savings to have “security” in old age?
    3. Not having an intimate relationship to be a source of comfort and support, both at present and in old age, like most of your friends do?
    4. Not having children, which are often seen as the “legacy” that we leave behind in the world when we die, or who can take care of us when we’re old.
  • If you ordain, how will you feel looking back on your life. What will feel meaningful to you, what will you have regrets about?
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