Transforming adversity into bodhicitta

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From Venerable Thubten Chodron: I’ve been corresponding with Al for several years. He has a life sentence for murder. He’s a good Dharma practitioner and tries to help the other incarcerated people around him. Several blocks in his prison are quarantined due an outbreak of covid cases. As a result, those who are healthy must take over the jobs of the sick in order to keep the prison functioning. Al has been working 12-hour days in the kitchen.

I need to not be so attached to my wide array of worldly beliefs, whether liberal, conservative, or something else. I need to not let myself succumb to victim mentality and instead to generate bodhicitta. Doing that will help me.

And if people get mad at me–generate bodhicitta. If I get mad or upset–generate bodhicitta. I will focus on that and have fun with it and enjoy my politics discussions with a sense of happiness and joy from not being bogged down by attachment.

It will take work, but I will do it.  

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