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Robert is a meditator and self-described seeker currently practicing in an Idaho state prison.

Inside our own mind we find the answers, “Why?”
To what makes us laugh and what makes us cry
Through these lifetimes of experience & understanding
We learn to let go of those things that seems so demanding
It’s our beliefs that truly set us free
To decide on our own what we really want to be
What we chase to become inside
We no longer need to try to hide
Transforming the things that get us here
Replacing those thoughts with love instead of fear
Tomorrow never seems to find its way
It’s just another name for another day
Solutions lost in the future left behind
By giving away these answers we come to find
So make the most of our moment here in this time
Find the wonderment that leaves us sublime
Our good merit can change the past
Cause and effect creates what will really last
So I wish you well in whatever you do
I hope you find happiness to pull you through
Time goes by in the wink of an eye
Do your best to enjoy your life and always try
With that said, it’s time to say good-by.
I ask again, “Why?”

Featured image by Jay Gooby.

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