Mind-generation with Venerable Sangye Khadro, Part 2

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Venerable Sangye Khadro finishes teaching on the different kinds of bodhicitta explained in Maitreya’s “Ornament of Clear Realizations” and its commentaries. Click here for a series of slides that accompany these talks.

  • Definition of mind-generation (bodhicitta)
  • The two aspirations
  • Who can generate bodhicitta?
  • Aspiring and engaging bodhicitta
  • Does a buddha have bodhicitta?
  • Conventional and ultimate bodhicitta
  • Can bodhicitta be lost?
  • When do we get rid of self-cherishing?
  • The 22 kinds of bodhicitta
10-09-18 Mind-Generation with Venerable Sangye Khadro - Part 2

Part one of this talk can be found here

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