The joy of serving sentient beings

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A talk given at Tushita Meditation Centre, Delhi, India.

  • The disadvantages of the self-centered thought
  • Holding the value of cherishing and benefiting others in our mind
  • Reflecting on the kindness of friends, strangers and troublemakers
  • Helping others because we life in an interdependent society
  • There are many small things we can do to make a big difference in others lives
  • Ten inspiring verses on bodhicitta by Vasubandu
  • Questions
    • How can you be kind when you are angry at someone?
    • Is it possible to progress on the path without bodhicitta?
    • How can I cope with the energy drain of being compassionate?
    • How can you deal with not being recognized for your work and service?
    • How to relate to beggars

The joy of serving sentient beings (download)

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