37 Practices: Verses 1-3

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Part of a series of talks on The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas given during a weekend retreat in Medan, Indonesia, organized by Vihara Borobodur Medan and Majelis Buddhayana Indonesia-Sumut.

  • The bodhisattva practices are not meant to be an intellectual study but to be applied in a practical way to all aspects of our life
  • Why our precious human life is more valuable than even getting to use Bill Gate’s credit card
  • “Give up your homeland” means giving up ignorance, anger, and attachment
  • We need to create space between the things that we are attached to or have aversion to. When we are near them it is difficult not to be distracted and not engage with them

37 Practices: Verses 1-3 (download)

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