The bodhisattva precepts: Part 1

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After generating engaged bodhicitta, a desire arises to take the bodhisattva vows and engage in the bodhisattva practices. Part of a series of teachings on The Easy Path to Travel to Omniscience, a lamrim text by Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen, the first Panchen Lama.

  • Commentary on the bodhisattva precepts
  • The sources of the precepts
  • The 18 root precepts
  • The four binding factors needed for complete transgression of a precept
  • The first 16 auxiliary precepts
  • Discussion on wrong views
  • Why assisted suicide or euthanasia is a wrong view

Easy Path 43: Bodhisattva precepts part 1 (download)

43 The Easy Path to Omniscience 03-27-15

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