Entering Manjushri retreat

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Part of a series of teachings and short talks given during the Manjushri and Yamantaka Winter Retreat in 2015.

  • The Homage to Manjushri
  • Manjushri practice increases wisdom, makes the mind much clearer
  • The six kinds of wisdom and visualizations in the sadhana
  • Understanding the Dharma in one’s heart, applying it to one’s own life
  • The meaning of receiving blessings from the deity
  • Advice for working with the sadhana and meditation
  • Questions and answers
    • Setting up the refuge visualization at the beginning of the sadhana
    • The continuity of consciousness that goes from life to life and which attains buddhahood
    • The feeling of ME being the person who becomes the deity, using the four-point analysis
    • How the wisdom visualizations can help us grow our wisdom
    • Difficulty with visualization, stabilizing the mind, developing concentration on Manjushri
    • Doing Vajrasattva practice or other practice commitments during the retreat
    • Recitation of the Vajrasattva mantra in the Manjushri sadhana
    • Mantra recitation during the seven wisdoms visualization, and counting mantra
    • When to stop the session and working with dullness in the mind
    • Visualizing the Perfection of Wisdom texts
01-14-15 Entering Manjushri Retreat

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