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A bodhisattva’s determination

A bodhisattva’s determination

Bon at the Abbey, smiling.

Bon, a neighbor of the Abbey, is involved with providing support for villages in drought-stricken areas of Kenya. The situation is grave, and her group’s efforts have brought much relief. Recently, however, they have met with obstacles. Bon wrote Venerable Thubten Chodron about the discouraging situation. Venerable’s response is good advice for anyone facing such challenges.

Dear Venerable,

Bon at the Abbey.

Bon at the Abbey.

We are grieving for the people of Enkusera Sampu. It’s one of the villages in most desperate need of water. They are walking 14 Km. every day for water, so we were thrilled to get the funds to put in a well for them. Now we’ve learned the bore hole was dry and the drilling crew has pulled out.

Enkusera Sampu is where our friend Rampei lives. He built a small school at his village—a small metal single room building with a dirt floor. When I told him it may take two years for the village well project to happen, he said “Two years with hope is different from two years without hope.” Now they have no hope and I am having a very hard time understanding how this could have happened.

So how to deal with this? I just keep plugging away, but today my heart is very sad, and I am confused about the lack of results of all of our hard work for so many years to help these beautiful people.

Keep us in your prayers. It helps me to know you are there and concerned. Thank you,

Dear Bon,

I, too, am very sad to hear that they didn’t find water. Drilling for water here at the Abbey, I know how iffy the whole situation is.

In our efforts to benefit others, we don’t always meet with the success that we would like. But bodhisattvas continue on anyway. So we need to gather up our joyous effort and keep going, trying different alternatives, etc. One day the causes and conditions will come together and our projects will be successful.

We’re so glad you and the others are doing what you’re doing, and I’m sure your efforts for the people in this village help the people there know that others care about them and love them. While they can’t drink that care and concern, it nourishes them in another, very important way.

We will make prayers and send all our love and support,
Venerable Thubten Chodron

Guest Author: Bon

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