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Walking in your footsteps

Buddha walking in a grassy field with his silhouette in the background.
(Photo by Hartwig HKD)

There are places that have statues of you seven feet high;
Yet you would not hurt a fly.
I hope someday to walk in your footsteps.
You taught us about suffering and why,
You taught us not to be afraid to die,
Walking in the Buddha’s footsteps.

Someday the gems of your wisdom will inherit the earth.
We must give up hatred, cravings, lust and lies
If we hope to walk in the Buddha’s footsteps.
The wisdom you left behind will outlast both man and time.
Therefore, we must all try to walk in your footsteps.

As I think about all of the wonderful things you left behind,
I can’t help but try to walk in your footsteps.
I will try and try until the day I die to walk in your footsteps.
Thank you, Lord Buddha, for being so loving and kind
And leaving your wisdom behind,
Sharing it with all of mankind.

Guest Author: Eddie Williams