Jul 3, 2010

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Statue of 1000 armed Chenrezig made of wood.
108 Verses on Compassion

108 Verses: Verses 63-70

How great compassion helps sentient beings towards better rebirth and progress towards enlightenment.

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The mountains of Glacier National Park.
On Working with Afflictions

A vacation with anger

Realizing that anger is a habit and not an inherently existent part of the self…

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Buddha walking in a grassy field with his silhouette in the background.
Dharma Poetry

Walking in your footsteps

A student's poetic appreciation of the Buddha.

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Stained-glass window of thousand-armed Chenrezig.
Chenrezig Weeklong Retreat 2010

Results of anger

How our anger creates many hindrances for liberation and enlightenment.

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