May 28, 2008

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Image of Vajrasattva

Vajrasattva meditation and recitation

An explanation by Lati Rinpoche of the purification practice of the Vajrasattva sadhana, including the…

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A man taking a coffee cup.
On Cultivating Wisdom


A person in prison describes his experience with the Dharma. Attachment and desire can lead…

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A monk standing on a walkway, looking at the full moon.
On Overcoming Anger


An incarcerated person tells the story of searching for himself and realizing that he could…

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Aerial view of Stateville Correctional Center.
On Love, Compassion, and Bodhicitta


Reflections on the prison in which an incarcerated person took his bodhisattva vows.

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Venerable receiving an offering after a teaching at Maitripa.
Monastic Life

Right livelihood for the sangha in the 21st century

How the sangha practices the Dharma will have a deep impact on the survival of…

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HH Dalai Lama placing a khata over Venerable Thubten Chodron.
Full Ordination for Nuns

Dark matter

Examining the complexity of the issue of bhikkhuni ordination: different views and lineages of the…

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Venerables. Jigme, Chonyi and Semkye studying together.
Full Ordination for Nuns

Bhikkhuni pārājika 1

An exploration of the first pārājika: the variety of rule formations and disrobal methods, re-ordination…

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Statue of Guanyin.
Full Ordination for Nuns

Chinese bhikshuni ordination

Brief history of the Chinese vinaya lineage, bhikshuni ordination and the guidelines for consulting other…

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Ven. Yeshe and other nuns in a Buddhist Monastic Gathering.
Theravada Tradition

Ordination of nuns by monks

Scriptural references in the Pali canon on the bhikshuni ordination procedure.

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A tibetan nun praying.
Full Ordination for Nuns

Principles to be respected

A comprehensive essay on the eight garudhammas, the rules concerning bhikkhunis' conduct in their social…

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