Wisdom and compassion

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A talk given at Buddhist Fellowship, Singapore.


  • Caring for sentient beings through being eco-friendly
  • The kindness of others—our parents, teachers, friends, and even strangers and people who have harmed us

Wisdom and compassion 01 (download)

Developing compassion with wisdom

  • Our ability to attain realizations depends on the kindness of others
  • Seeing sentient beings as kind and hence lovable is the forerunner to developing compassion
  • Compassion is not condescension
  • How our self-centeredness deceives us and creates problems for us by making us super-sensitive and prickly
  • Compassion has to be practiced with wisdom, otherwise it becomes “Mickey Mouse” compassion
  • Practicing compassion with the wisdom that understands the emptiness of inherent existence
  • Accumulating the two collections of merit and wisdom that lead to the two bodies of a Buddha

Wisdom and compassion 02 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Accidentally killing animals
  • Karma and helping others
  • Precepts, karma, insects
  • Judging sincerity

Wisdom and compassion 03 (download)

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