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Feelings that arise while doing purification

Feelings that arise while doing purification

From the July 2006 teleconference of the ongoing retreat Prostrations from Afar held at Sravasti Abbey.

  • Do have to do the practice before midnight?
  • Can you clarify dedication?
  • What about doing the practice while you are on a retreat?
  • At the end should we meditate on the emptiness of our transgressions?
  • What if you find it difficult to say you will not do the action ever again?
  • What do you do when self-doubt makes it difficult to practice?
  • How do you handle strong emotions that arise during the practice?

Prostrations from afar 02 (download)

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Venerable Thubten Chodron

Venerable Chodron emphasizes the practical application of Buddha’s teachings in our daily lives and is especially skilled at explaining them in ways easily understood and practiced by Westerners. She is well known for her warm, humorous, and lucid teachings. She was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1977 by Kyabje Ling Rinpoche in Dharamsala, India, and in 1986 she received bhikshuni (full) ordination in Taiwan. Read her full bio.