The seed of enlightenment

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A teaching given at The Buddhist Library, Singapore.

Generating a mind of equanimity

  • Seeing that our minds are very biased and prejudiced
  • Eliminating attachment, aversion, and apathy
  • No one is an inherent friend, enemy, or stranger
  • Giving up our desire to being right

Seed of enlightenment 01 (download)

Generating bodhichitta: The seven-point instruction on cause and effect

  • Letting go of grudges and resentments by thinking of the kindnesses of others
  • Respecting and appreciating others for how they’ve benefited us
  • Seeing others as our parents through infinite lifetimes
  • Developing the great resolve to bring happiness and alleviate suffering

Seed of enlightenment 02 (download)

Generating bodhichitta: Equalizing and exchanging self for others

  • Chipping away at the self-centered mind
  • Seeing the advantages of cherishing others
  • Taking and giving meditation
  • Wanting to become a fully enlightened Buddha

Seed of enlightenment 03 (download)

Questions and answers

  • In hospice work, how do we help people who have regret and seek forgiveness?
  • How do we regain our delight in the Dharma?
  • What inspired you to write the book, Working with Anger?
  • What is the quickest or easiest way to extinguish my anger?

Seed of enlightenment 04 (download)

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