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A talk given at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin on July 16, 2004.


  • Different definitions of positive and negative emotions from the points of view of scientists and Buddhists
  • Friendliness from a Buddhist standpoint
  • How to increase the attitude of friendliness through meditation
    • Meditation on equanimity
    • Mediation on considering the kindness of others
  • Reduce bias and judgemental attitudes which leads to open-heartedness and friendliness
  • How we are all interdependent
  • What friendliness is not

Emotional Health 02: Friendliness (download)

Questions and answers

  • Thought patterns behind emotions
  • Buddhist view of fear and its relation to anger
  • Effective social activism without anger
  • “Good” and “evil” are not external forces
  • How to work with anger in a beneficial way
  • Suicide’s effect on rebirth

Emotional Health 02: Friendliness Q&A (download)

Part 1: Discontent and contentment
Part 3: The creator of happiness and suffering

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