How to love the people you dislike

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A talk given at the Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore on November 22, 2003.

Transforming the judgmental mind

  • How the judgmental mind creates aversion and dissatisfaction.
  • Transforming the judgmental mind through Dharma practice.

Love and dislike 01 (download)

The kindness of others

  • Recognizing the kindness of others.
  • Sharing our spiritual practice with others by being an example of virtue.
  • Learning to forgive and transforming harm into the spiritual path.

Love and dislike 02 (download)

Appreciating the kindness of strangers

  • We are globally inter-dependent on strangers
  • Everything we have or use comes from the kindness and efforts of others
  • Learn to appreciate strangers with a heart of kindness

Love and dislike 03 (download)

Questions and answers, part 1

  • On forgiving and forgetting.
  • Parent-child relationships.
  • The existence of life forms when all sentient beings are enlightened.
  • Thanking others for their kindness.
  • What to do when others return kindness with hostility.

Love and dislike 04 (download)

Questions and answers, part 2

  • On karma catching up with us.
  • Distinguishing between preventing harm and revenge.

Love and dislike 05 (download)

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