The middle way view

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Part of a series of talks on Lama Tsongkhapa’s Three Principal Aspects of the Path given in various locations around the United States from 2002-2007. This talk was given in Boise, Idaho.

How things exist

  • Nihilism and absolutism
  • Because things are empty therefore they exist
  • Because things exist therefore they are empty
  • Things are not empty of existence they are empty of inherent existence
  • Permanence and impermanence
  • Ultimate wisdom

17a Three Principal Aspects of the Path 2003 (download)

Inherent existence and dependent arising

  • Merely labeled “I”
  • Inherent existence
  • Agent, action, and object are dependent on one another
  • There can be no compassion if things were inherently existent
  • Dependent arising
  • The correct view
  • The Buddha mind
  • Three ways of apprehending things

17b Three Principal Aspects of the Path 2003 (download)

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