Ultimate and conventional existence

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Part of a series of talks on Lama Tsongkhapa’s Three Principal Aspects of the Path given in various locations around the United States from 2002-2007. This talk was given in Boise, Idaho.

Ignorance and wisdom

  • Determination to be free
  • Correct view of the nature of reality
  • Why we should meditate on the correct view
  • How wisdom and ignorance apprehends things
  • The negated object and how the “I” appears

16a Three Principal Aspects of the Path 2003 (download)

Finding the self

  • Chandrakirti’s seven-point method to finding the “I”
  • Applying this method to an object
  • Relationships between an object and it’s parts
  • Ultimate existence versus conventional existence or inherent existence versus dependent existence
  • Questions and answers

16b Three Principal Aspects of the Path 2003 (download)

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