Why Buddhism?

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A talk given at Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre, Singapore.

We are encouraged to think for ourselves

  • Not dogmatic
  • Depends on reason
  • Does not expect blind faith
  • Does not contradict science

Why Buddhism 01 (download)

We are encouraged to integrate the teachings into our life

  • A step-by-step method for working with our mind to achieve internal peace

Why Buddhism 02 (download)

We have the power and ability to change our lives—we create the causes for what we experience

  • Everybody is equal
  • Nobody is inherently evil
  • Emphasizes respect for all religions and their followers
  • Shows how to go beyond the happiness and suffering of this life

Why Buddhism 03 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Buddhism and other religions
  • Anxiety disorder?
  • Discrimination in Buddhism
  • Karma and purification
  • The difference between reasoning and realizations
  • Buddhism and dogmatism
  • Taking refuge

Why Buddhism 04 (download)

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