A solid concrete “I” does not exist

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Part of a series of teachings on the Heart Sutra given during Dharma Friendship Foundation’s annual spring retreat in May 1998 at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, Washington.

  • Emptiness is form”
    • Form being a manifestation of emptiness
    • Analogy of hologram
    • Phenomena are mere appearance
    • Phenomena are mere name
    • Subtle conventional nature of form
  • “Emptiness is not other than form”
    • Example: Rose and redness are one entity
    • Samsara and nirvana are equal—both are empty of inherent existence
  • “Form also is not other than emptiness”
    • Two truths are nominally distinct
    • Distinguish between ultimate and conventional nature
  • Questions and answers
    • What is accumulating karma?
    • “Time,” “space”
    • Can we see emptiness?
    • Confession
    • Buddha’s mind

Heart Sutra 03 (download)

The text of the Heart Sutra can be found here.

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