Path of accumulation and preparation

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Part of a series of teachings on the Heart Sutra given during Dharma Friendship Foundation’s annual spring retreat in May 1998 at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, Washington.

  • Practice on the path of accumulation and preparation
  • “Form” (body) is empty of existing from its own side
    • Emptiness is a non-affirming negative
    • Emptiness is a permanent phenomenon
    • Wisdom realising emptiness
    • Four-point meditation
  • Things exist by being merely labelled
  • Middle way: empty and dependent arising
  • Grasping at inherent existence of “reputation”
  • Form being merely named
    • Ultimate and conventional truth
    • Things existing ultimately and things existing conventionally

Heart Sutra 02 (download)

The text of the Heart Sutra can be found here.

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