The Foundation of Buddhist Practice: The source of happiness and pain

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A talk based on The Foundation of Buddhist Practice given at the Tushita Meditation Centre in Dharamsala, India.

  • Happiness and suffering come from your own mind, not from outside
  • It’s about transforming our minds, not arranging the external world
  • Training the mind to see others and the world with a different attitude
  • Questions
    • Is there a scale on the severity of karma?
    • Do we start off seeing the world objectively and then start projecting on it?
    • Is there a place for art from the the Buddhist viewpoint?
    • Is it possible to have a mind free of afflictions and live a normal western life?
    • Why do we forget our past lives?
    • Are the qualities of good and bad objective or subjective?
    • How do we shut down the opinion factory?
    • Can you harmonize emptiness with a permanent self?
    • Why all the external rituals and images if it’s about inner transformation?
    • How can we speak without spouting an opinion?

The Foundation of Buddhist Practice (download)

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