Friendship and community

A series of talks given at the Omega Institute in Rhineback, New York in April, 2007.

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  • Retreat overview (download)

    An overview of retreat components and what would be discussed.

    Living in community (download)

    • How isolation is an illusion
    • How we are always living in community, affecting each other in everything we do

    Attachment (download)

    • The meaning and disadvantages of attachment
    • The differences between love and attachment

    Questions and answers on attachment (download)

    • Reinforcing possession with the word “mine”
    • Antidotes to attachment
    • Discerning what is beneficial

    Friendship and emotions (download)

    • The purpose of friendships
    • How anger and attachment affect our relationships
    • Lessons on anger and attachment to families
    • Whether anger is always bad

    False and good friends (download)

    What makes a friend a good friend or a false friend, as set out in the Sigalovada Sutta.

    Questions and answers on friendship (download)

    • Responding when a friend lies
    • Frustration with idle speech
    • Confronting negative behavior wisely

    Equanimity and loving-kindness (download)

    • Investigating what makes someone a friend, enemy, or stranger
    • Cultivating loving-kindness towards ourselves and others

    Questions and answers on equanimity and loving-kindness (download)

    • Our responsibility as humans to respond to situations in the world
    • How to maintain joyful effort
    • The suffering of isolation predominant in the West

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