The love that empowers your life

A talk given at the Nanyang Technological University Buddhist Society, Singapore, on November 12, 2002.

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  • Love (download)

    Developing love in situations of conflict. Differentiating love from attachment. The arbitrary and subjective labels created by the self-centered mind.

    Developing openness (download)

    Developing equal-hearted openness towards others by overcoming our judgmental attitude.

    The kindness of others (download)

    Seeing everyone as having been kind to us.

    Prison work (download)

    Experiences working with prisoners in the U.S.

    Questions & answers (download)

    • Being vegetarian
    • The Buddhist view on abortion
    • Helping to rebuild relationships
    • Dealing with office politics
    • How to be happy
    • Helping others who are suffering
    • The Buddhist view of homosexuality

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