When the Chocolate Runs Out (2018)

Short talks on pith advice from the end of When the Chocolate Runs Out by Lama Thubten Yeshe.

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When the Chocolate Runs Out is available from Wisdom Publications here.

Share your love, wisdom, and wealth

The importance of learning to distinguish love from attachment so that we can share our love openly with all other beings.

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Serve other beings as much as possible

The importance of serving others by practicing and preserving the Dharma, or in any other way that we can be of help to them.

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Living in harmony with one another

Identifying the cause of our disharmony with others and ourselves and working constructively to overcome it.

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Being an example of peace

How the preconceptions in our own minds make us unpeaceful, and learning to control our own minds in order to be an example of peace.

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Being an example of love

The difference between love and attachment, and how attachment can become a real stumbling block for developing bodhicitta.

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Being an example of wisdom

How to generate the wisdom that understands the law of karma, and the wisdom of the ultimate nature of reality.

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Keep a happy mind

Reflecting on the quote “Try to be happy in your practice and be satisfied in your life.”

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Be reasonable

How we have to be reasonable in our expectations, and how difficulties make us stronger.

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It’s never too late

Avoiding the laziness of discouragement and using our time to practice wisely no matter how old we are.

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Don’t be afraid of death

Developing a wisdom fear of death and cultivating a mind that makes use of our life.

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Straight and clean clear

The importance of not wasting our time on things that don't matter, and cultivating a mind that is clean and clear in our direction.

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