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Library of Wisdom and Compassion

Generosity of the heart

How to cultivate the four brahmaviharas or divine abodes of love, compassion, empathetic joy, and…

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Venerable Chodron in front of the wooden Kuan Yin statue in Chenrezig Hall.
Cultivating Compassion

Compassion manifesting in skillful means

An article about compassion and skillful means as an expression of compassion published in Mindfulness.

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An Open-Hearted Life

The four immeasurables

The four immeasurables—love, compassion, joy and equanimity—present a way to relate to other living beings…

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Why Study Buddhism?

The benefits of living as a monk or nun

In this interview, Venerable Thubten Chodron describes how becoming a monastic cleared away distraction.

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A group of monastics and laypeople practicing in the meditation hall at Sravasti Abbey.
Dharma in Action

Buddhist religious practitioners should serve as soc...

In an interview with Dharma Drum Mountain, Venerable Chodron explains how the monastics of Sravasti…

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Statue of Kuan Yin.
Bodhisattva Path

Taking and giving

How to practice tonglen, the taking-and-giving meditation.

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Amitabha practice: The four immeasurables

How to generate the four immeasurables as part of the Amitabha practice.

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Closeup of Buddha's face.
On Cultivating Wisdom

The sangha in us all

A person in prison uses his understanding of Buddhism to connect with all religions he…

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Cover of book 'An open-hearted life'.
Cultivating Compassion

Cultivating love and kindness

A talk on working with disturbing emotions based on the book "An Open-Hearted Life."

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Cover of An Open-Hearted Life.

A year of living with an open heart

A study guide to encourage readers to form groups and delve into wealth of material…

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An early photo of Venerable Chodron, smiling.
Becoming a Monastic

A monastic’s mind

A talk directed at monastics but valuable for all. The value of having a monastic…

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Long line of cars in a traffic jam on the highway.
By Prison Volunteers

Prisons of the mind

A person in prison relates how he feels more free than those outside who are…

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