Transforming adversity

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The following is extracted and lightly edited from an email we received from one of the Abbey’s volunteers. For years she helped us by sending books and writing to incarcerated people. When she became ill, she had to resign, but you can see by this email that her Dharma practice is excelling.

Cheri standing in front of the altar, offering yellow roses.
Cheri making an offering in the Meditation Hall at Sravasti Abbey.

I’m not going to write a long message because I can’t. The vestibular/ hemiplegic complex migraine problems really complicate life.  And it is now an every-single-day occurrence. Some moments are more intense than others. But all of them are good. Really.  I have to say that this sickness has been a real, true, absolute blessing because it has enabled me to practice all the teachings. 

Only because of the teachings, it’s a joy to me that I am able to work with my mind so very well even when anxiety/fear/reactions rise with unbelievable force in the body as they often do when my legs go limp, or my heart starts racing, or my vision goes, or I hit a wall, or I can’t sit with neck pain. It’s all a fiesta of sorts. < smiles>. I never really know what’s going to show up. But I am ready.  

As I say, this is all thanks to the Dharma, thanks to amazing teachers like Venerable, His Holiness, all of you at the Abbey, and so many more wonderful Dharma teachers.

I just wanted to give you a deep thank you.  I watch the YouTube talks on the TV, so I can stay mostly away from the computer. And every single talk—the short ones you give before lunch and the longer ones on a Dharma text—is very much appreciated. 

Thank you so much for your friendship over the years and for your wisdom and love and kindness!  What a treasure!

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