The seven-limb prayer

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Teachings given during the Chenrezig Retreat at Sravasti Abbey in 2018. Teachings on Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend also took place during this retreat. The Chenrezig sadhana can be found here.

  • The seven-limb practice
    • Purification and creation of merit
  • Prostration / Bowing
    • A method to reduce arrogance
    • Recognizing the good qualities of the holy ones
    • Bowing with body, speech, and mind
    • A method to cultivate respect
    • The symbolism of physical prostration
  • Making offerings
    • Cultivating a mind that takes delight in giving
    • Water bowls and eight offerings
  • Confession and making amends
    • The four opponent powers
    • Understanding “shame”
  • Rejoicing in the merit of holy and ordinary beings
    • Counteracting jealousy
  • Requesting the Buddha and our teachers to remain
    • Valuing meeting the teachings
  • Requesting the Buddha and our teachers to teach
    • Not taking the Dharma for granted
  • Dedication
09 Chenrezig Retreat: The Seven Limb Prayer 07-07-18

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