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The garden notices the rocks moving

The garden notices the rocks moving

Gray stone and rings in sand of Zen rock garden.

When we see someone attractive;
that is appealing to the senses
they automatically are worth so much more
compared to others.
It is as if we value others
like different types of metals.
And what if a person is both attractive
to the senses and very nice to you?
Oh my, it is like owning a shiny piece of gold.

What about the other end of the spectrum?
What about a person that we deem unattractive?
How can they inch their way towards the top
of the ladder of worthiness?
What if an unattractive officer let you move
to another location or allowed you
to go to canteen when the store was already closing?
How would you feel about them then?
Well, their worth would catapult
toward the top of the ‘good side.’
And next thing you know you’re saying things like,
“They are a good officer. They are good people.
She’ll help you for real. He’s not a piece of crap
like some of the others. They actually care.”

Isn’t this how our silly monkey mind behaves?
Constantly recalibrating this worth-system
that we feel is truth.
It feels true, but is it?
Do our opinions truly hold weight,
especially when they are so easily changeable?

Is it possible for our garden-mind to be harmonized
with every living creature and every flower, bush,
tree, pebble and rock?
Yes, the mind can flow and know that all phenomena
are always in a state of flux. For better or worse.
It is a healthy practice to not hold this
system of judgmental opinion.
Because such a system covers the sunlight
and allows no moon within the flowing river.

Featured image ©fotofabrika /
Guest Author: Al R.

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