Meditating on emptiness: The four point analysis, part 1

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Part of a series of teachings on The Easy Path to Travel to Omniscience, a lamrim text by Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen, the first Panchen Lama.

  • Vocabulary and definitions important for understanding the teachings on insight and selflessness
  • Everything seems very real and concrete when in fact they exist dependently
    • Looking at examples to see how things are dependent—manners, relationships, democracy
  • We impute labels and meaning onto things and think that the meaning is inherently part of the object which evokes emotions and actions such as the confederate flag, national borders
  • The two meanings of self and selflessness
  • The word my seems like a harmless word but when we attach the word my to something all kinds of things happen
  • Explanation of the meditation on the selflessness of persons
  • The first point: Evoking a strong sense of I to see how the innate grasping apprehends the self
    • How to hold this feeling for the meditation
  • The second point: If such an I existed, it could only exist in one of two ways, there is no third option

Easy Path 58: Meditating on emptiness: The four point analysis, part 1 (download)

58 The Easy Path to Omniscience 07-10-15

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