A path of understanding

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Too much sorrow, sadness and misery,
There’s a path of understanding for you and me.
No more anger and no more hate.
There’s not much time left to procrastinate,
We all have to change our lives before it’s too late.
You can’t even run and don’t try to hide,
Here’s where you learn what’s going on inside.

You can forget about wealth now and turn away from greed.
I’m not trying to change your life, I’m just planting seeds.
We must till our gardens of life and pull out the “suffering “ weeds.

Well, you’ll learn how to love and you’ll learn how to care,
For when you open your heart,
Just know it’s the best gift you can share.

As the river of enlightenment flows like the mountain streams,
Don’t get caught up in inherent existence and trivial things.
So as the wheel of Dharma spins round and round,
Remember if we’re diligent Nirvana can be found.

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