The Buddha’s life

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A talk given during Sravasti Abbey’s annual Exploring Monastic Life program in 2010.

  • The story of how the Buddha Shakyamuni became the Buddha for this degenerate age
  • The Buddha’s life from childhood to mendicant
    • The four sights: a sick person, an aging person, a dead person, and a wandering mendicant
    • “Ignoble search” and “noble search”
    • Practicing under the teacher Alara Kalama and mastering his teachings
  • Questions and answers
    • When the Buddhas tried to get out of manifesting in our age were they already Buddhas?
    • How did he know that he hadn’t reached the highest level?
    • How do you not fall in the trap of being seduced by good feelings in high states of concentration?
    • Once someone gets to the highest point of samsara why can’t they keep meditating and move up?
    • Can you only attain the realization of emptiness in a human body?

Exploring Monastic Life 2010: Session 3 (download)

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