Three refuges chant

Three refuges chant

Refuge chant (download)

I take refuge in the Buddha. May each and every sentient being understand the Great Way profoundly and bring forth the bodhi mind.

I take refuge in the Dharma. May each and every sentient being deeply enter the sutra treasury and have wisdom vast as the sea.

I take refuge in the Sangha. May each and every sentient being form together a great assembly, one and all in harmony.

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Sravasti Abbey Monastics

The monastics of Sravasti Abbey endeavor to live generously through dedicating their lives to the Buddha's teachings, practicing them earnestly, and offering them to others. They live simply, as the Buddha did, and offer a model for society at large, showing that ethical discipline contributes to a morally grounded society. Through actively developing their own qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom, the monastics aspire to make Sravasti Abbey a beacon for peace in our conflict-torn world. Learn more about monastic life here...

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