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Benefits of ordination

Jangtse Choje (Gyume Khensur) Rinpoche gave this talk to those who attended the second Exploring Monastic Life program.

The benefits of ordination

  • Incredible merit is created all the time
  • The freedom to dedicate one’s life completely to Dharma
  • Seeing the benefits of living in pure ethical conduct by studying and reflecting on the teachings

EML 2006: Ordination 01 (download)

Questions and answers

  • Meditating on the lamrim includes all of Buddha’s teachings and should be continued one’s whole life
  • Being clear and stable in one’s decision, whether that’s to ordain or remain a layperson
  • Thinking realistically in the long term to develop a stable motivation, not expecting short-term results
  • The three circles, the responsibilities of a monastic: service, study, concentration

EML 2006: Ordination 02 (download)

Guest Author: Jangtse Choje (Gyume Khensur) Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche