Meeting Manjushri

Awakening the wisdom mind

A talk given at the Manjusri Library in Singapore.

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    • Manjushri represents the wisdom aspect of buddha
    • Different ways to see the buddha figures
    • Believing other sentient beings can become Manjushri (have the potential to become awakened) causes us to have respect for them
    • Meaning of the prayer
      • Importance of reliable teachers on the path
      • The buddhas protect us by showing us the antidotes to our afflictions, teaching us the Dharma
      • Importance of seeing that we are wanderers caught in the prison of samsara, pushed by the force of craving (for a body) and karma into a rebirth
      • The three kinds of suffering (unsatisfactoriness)
      • Stopping and assessing our lives, considering the purpose of our lives and our potential
      • Setting our priorities wisely
      • Five paths of a bodhisattva
      • Transmitted and realized Dharma
    • Prayer often said before teachings, to prepare the mind
    12-14-14 Meeting Manjushri: Awakening the Wisdom Mind

    The text of the Homage to Manjushri can be found here.

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