The seven-limb practice

This practice is a method to purify and accumulate merit from The King of Prayers: The Extraordinary Aspiration of the Practice of Samantabhadra, which contains all aspects of the Bodhisattva practice. These talks were given at the Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA) in Augusta, Missouri, USA on May 5 and May 12, 2002.

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  • Introduction

    • Purpose of the practice
    • Establishing the Bodhisattva practice
    • Purifying our mind and accumulating positive potential

    Seven limb practice 01: Purpose (download)

    Prostration: part one

    • Bowing—the practice of paying homage
    • Prostrating with body, speech, and mind
    • Energy and aspiration for bodhisattva way
    • Bowing mentally, visualizing the Buddha
    • Bowing verbally

    Seven limb practice 02: Prostrating (download)

    Questions and answers

    • Understanding anger
    • The relationship of ignorance to anger
    • Looking at the mind

    Seven limb practice 03: Understanding anger (download)

    Prostration: part two

    • Significance of “mothers” in Buddhism
    • Seven ways to purify the mind and to accumulate positive potential (merit)
    • Prostrating with body, speech and mind

    Seven limb practice 04: Prostrations (download)


    • The purpose and ways of making offerings
    • How to overcome miserliness and stinginess

    Seven limb practice 05: Offerings (download)


    • Practical ways to purify the mind and create positive potential (merit)
    • Revealing and letting go of all mistakes

    Seven limb practice 06: Confession (download)


    • Rejoicing in the good fortune of others
    • Cultivating happiness
    • Enriching the mind

    Seven limb practice 07: Rejoicing (download)

    Requesting teachings

    • Cultivating interest and appreciation for the Buddha’s teachings
    • Benefits for requesting the teachings
    • The guide of the Buddha

    Seven limb practice 08: Requesting teachings (download)

    Requesting long lives for the Buddhas and spiritual mentors

    • Requesting enlightened beings to remain in the world and teach
    • Creating karma to be able to meet teachers and to be able to meet enlightened beings in the future

    Seven limb practice 09: Requesting long lives (download)

    Dedication and questions and answers

    • Dedicating towards full awakening and full enlightenment
    • Protecting positive potential
    • Differences between the hearer, solitary realizer and Bodhisattva vehicles
    • Purifying negative actions that cannot be remembered

    Seven limb practice 10: Dedication and Q&A (download)

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