Faith based on reason

Foreword to Buddhism for Beginners

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I am happy to know about this book, Buddhism for Beginners, by Thubten Chodron. This book is written mainly for people wanting to understand basic Buddhist principles and how to integrate them into their lives. It might be useful if I mention a few words here about what should be their approach to Buddhism. In the beginning, one should remain skeptical and rely on questioning and checking the teachings based on one’s understanding. One can then have trust and confidence in the teachings. Buddha himself suggested this approach when he told his followers to accept his teachings after due analysis, and not merely out of respect and faith. Hence it is important to know that the main cause of faith is reflecting on reasons. This promotes conviction and helps develop actual experience. As one thinks more and more upon reasonings, one’s ascertainment increases, and this in turn, induces experience whereby faith becomes more firm.